I am not what you think I am

I am not what you think I am.

Im not the human you met yesterday. Im not my uniform. Im not my skin, Im not the colour of My eyes. Im not My actions. Im not My mistakes. Im not My backgroud, Im not The thought which just passed by. Im not My sorrow, Im not My desires.

I can tell you What I am. I am everything. Im everything I just Said Im not, and more.

Im the light. I am the Darkness. I am LOVE, I am Life. I am made of stars conected to the universe. I am everything. And so are you.

Do not deny. Be.
Be everything. Enjoy the light, enjoy the darkness. Enjoy your human Being. You are everything. You are the stars. Remeber?

In the head of this fucking awsomeness, Living a Life as a Human. ?

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